In 2014, kcBOLD founders Dean and Charlie were dreaming of starting a business. They called their company “DC Rockets" (as in Dean, Charlie and not sure why Rockets — probably because they were 8-year-old boys.) Over the years, friends asked to join their business, so they grew their team to a group of 6 entrepreneurial, curious guys.

The only problem was they didn’t have a product (details, details . . . right??) So in 2017, I (Charlie’s mom) decided to help the boys focus their idea, learn about production and go for it. We met weekly to discuss the boys’ product interests and eventually landed on an apparel business. We toured several screen-printers and dye-sublimation plants, opened trade accounts for purchasing and decided to rename DC Rockets to a more fair (there are 6 owners now, not just two) and general name.

We settled on kcBOLD and additionally, BOLD Apparel Company, which will eventually sell to markets outside of KC (think bostonBOLD, nycBOLD, laBOLD . . . You get the idea.) We had a lot of fun developing our logo and brand and finally hired a designer named “Skiggity” to execute our t-shirt ideas.

So, that’s our story. We hope you love our products as much as we do and we also hope we’ll inspire you to live your life BOLDly.
Stop dreaming and go for it!

— Holly Mihalovich (Charlie’s mom and kcBOLD mentor)

“As kids, it’s hard to start a business with six people. But eventually you get the hang of it. All six of us have different personalities. We are a combination of creative, brainy, sporty, preppy and musical. And that’s the best part. We’re not exactly alike . . . We’re each our own BOLD self.” — Andrew Nottberg, and Charlie Mihalovich



Soccer and golf are my true passion, but you will see me up on the slalom next summer at the lake. Don’t pigeon-hole me as a jock, I also play the guitar. Cosmo, my pet hamster and number one fan, prefers when I play jazz with a Brazilian flair. I also love spending time on Captiva Island with my family.

Minus the black turtleneck, I could see myself becoming a tech guru, the next Steve Jobs. That’s my dream, but I could always fall back on taking over for Martha Stewart’s empire. I have recently taken up gardening, and if I do say so myself, I am pretty sure my cucumbers would have come in first place at the state fair.

If I could sit down and have a vanilla steamer with anyone, it would be author Brandon Sanderson. Currently, his audiobooks are a compulsion for me. Might I recommend The Stormlight Archives series.

BOLD describes me as: patient, straightforward, kind, creative & polite


I’m not the biggest BOLD owner, but watch your breakfast plates children, because I can eat my weight in French toast.

I’m known for my sense of humor. I have mastered the delivery of the one-liner, mostly because I’ll go ahead and say what you’re thinking. But my real gift, my passion, and most likely my future profession is shoes. Shoe production, shoe design, shoe shopping. Honestly, I love matching shoes to people - it’s a gift, really. I suppose we will have to expand kcBOLD retailing so I can share my gifts with the world.

I love playing soccer, I kill it on the tennis courts and enjoy golfing with my buds. (Not so) fun fact: Everyone has a “thing” and mine is that I had a stroke at birth. It has presented some challenges, but this has not held me back in the least. I love body surfing at the beach, but I find that my talents are most intimidating on the dance floor. Ladies, ladies, please contain yourselves, there is enough of me to go around.

BOLD describes me as: easy-going, whimsical, kind, hard working & brave.


Let’s just get straight to it. I have never met a stranger, I will always fight for the underdog, I love math and all things tech, my best feature is either my curly mohawk or my chocolaty dimples and I can fit 37 grapes in my mouth.

I came out of the womb juggling a soccer ball and tickling the ivories. My first love was soccer. It has been a gift to travel and play talented kids from all over the US. I have recently had the opportunity to train with FC Bayern in Germany and I will get to go back to train with them twice again this year. My BOLD role model would be Pele because he kept on persevering and playing soccer even when people made fun of him. My other love is playing the piano. My favorite song to play is O Tannenbaum, but when I play Christmas Time Is Here, it makes my mom cry.

BOLD describes me as: energetic, athletic, athletic, faithful & crazy


Don’t let my bio pic fool you, I have almost worn my mom down and a multi-colored mohawk is coming soon. I love music, following Slushii and Marshmelloand making my own mixes. Through hard work and dedication, I perfected the moonwalk this past year and I am moving on to headspins (unless I get the aforementioned mohawk).

In my free time, you can find me playing soccer, basketball or golfing. I love spending time with my family and we have the most fun when we are going to Sporting KC games and building schools for children in Africa together.

I think Iceland is the coolest place on Earth, but I don’t think I could live there because I am obsessed with sushi. One food for the rest of my life, it’s definitely sushi. You will find me at Jun’s devouring California rolls and dumplings multiple times a week.

BOLD describes me as: kind-hearted, affable, funny, patient, loyal & musical.


So, my horoscope sign is Gemini, the twin. It describes me perfectly, as I have two different sides that I show to the world. I love sports and play lacrosse, soccer and run cross country. But I also love art. I love taking pictures, specifically in nature, love all architecture, (there’s nothing quite like a dramatic before and after of an old Kansas City home), but modern architecture has my heart. My bedroom looks out onto the Nelson Atkins Museum’s Bloch building. The glow serves as the coolest nightlight ever. I look forward to adding a kcBOLD shirt with a shuttlecock at the O. We are so lucky our city has such an incredible arts district!

Additionally, I am an extroverted introvert, another duality. I love hanging out with friends, gaming with them online and keeping up with my peeps on social media. But at the end of the day, I recharge at home curled up with Sadie, the most patient dog in the world.

BOLD describes me as: boisterous, caring, focused, happy & fun


I come from a big family, there are 9 of us! That’s probably why I am easy going and am able to laugh at everything. You would think I’d learn to fight for food at our full dinner table, but I am a picky eater. However, I have never met a candy I didn’t like (and it kills my dentist parents). I am also confident I could live the rest of my life on chicken wings. I love playing soccer, I love fast cars, I am a pickle ball master and I think I might have built every Lego set in existence. If I haven’t, one of my 4 brothers has. A little known fact about me is that I briefly played the trombone, and I did it because it sounds like flatulence. True.

BOLD describes me as: wild, always laughing, thoughtful, energetic & wild